January in New York City: Studio West, Brooklyn

The Figure in Full Color: Three day Figure Painting Workshop

Dates: Friday January 20, 2017 to Sunday January 22, 2017
Location: Studio West, 67 West Street #702, Brooklyn, NY, United States


Study for In the Garden, 2011, 12 x 16, oil on linen

In this 3-Day painting workshop, participants will learn the classical academic approach to painting the figure in a modern palette. Watwood will teach you to master chroma and value in skin tones, mix fresh and naturalistic colors, and create airy effects of light in space. First, the class will do a simple color study, to capture the key of the light and understand warm and cool shifts. Next, participants will learn how to set up a drawing on the canvas in charcoal, and execute an underpainting in a limited palette. Finally, we will focus on color mixing and paint handling when we use a full color palette to complete a final pass. This is the classic French academic approach, which balances accurate drawing and perception of light, with masterful color and value. The majority of the time will be focused on a long pose over the three days (18 total hours of model time, including demos), giving students ample time to develop a painting. Daily instruction will include demonstrations of each step, and individual critiques and help on your painting. The class will also include a slide lecture on composition and design to give you tools to develop pictorial ideas, and jump start your imagination.



March in California: Bay Area Classical Artists Atelier

Beautiful Portrait Painting & Design: Five day Portrait Painting Workshop

Monday, March 20 to Friday March 24, 2017
Location: New Studio 345 Quarry Rd. San Carlos CA 94070


Flowers, 2016, oil on linen, 22 x 20

In this 5 full-day painting workshop you will learn how to use great design and color to create exciting and memorable paintings. Watwood will teach her process of making a portrait in three steps, first planning the design and making a drawing in charcoal. Next, she will show you how to use a limited palette to quickly map out the light and form. The final stage will teach you how to work with her full color palette to get beautiful and naturalistic skin tones, and organize the colors of your picture for a successful and beautiful result. During the workshop, she will also give a lecture on design concepts, share her creative process, and discuss staying inspired, to give you tools for strong compositions and creative images. The class will create thumbnail studies and work together on making good design choices that will help strengthen your art making. There will be daily demonstrations and lectures, and 4-5 hours of painting time from the model each day, with individual critiques and instruction.