A New DVD from Streamline Art Videos:
Patricia Watwood’s Creating Portraits From Life.


Discover How to Create Beautiful, Expressive, and Lifelike Portraits

This 8 Hour video tutorial shows a complete portrait demonstration and teaches you how to break down the complex process of creating a portrait into three basic steps of a charcoal drawing, an underpainting in 3 colors, and then a final pass in full and naturalistic oil colors. Learn the classical techniques of the French Academy with a modern palette and contemporary style.

Here are some of lecture details shared in this complete demonstration:
• A complete tutorial on charcoal drawing on the canvas and use position, spacing, and perspective to guide you along the way

• How to choose and work with the right materials — including setting up your canvas, using vine charcoal, oil paints, palette and brushes

• How to make an underpainting in a 3-color palette to map out your painting and make cool, warm, and transitional tones and how to make them create form and how to work with the various mixtures

• Painting the various landmarks of the face — including the corners of the eyes, orbits, nose, and mouth, to helping you get a likeness of the sitter fast, and the secret to painting eyes that speak to you and pierce the viewer

• The right way to “mass in” the hair and other details and create form in large color areas

• How to capture vibrant and naturalistic color in skin tones and in your artwork

Do you want learn timeless painting techniques but can’t travel or dedicate the time to a workshop? In this DVD there’s as much demonstration and lecture time as in a complete week-long workshop. It’s an invaluable resource available to you to view again and again.



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DVDfrontIn this DVD, I demonstrate a 3-step approach to understanding color and value in figure painting.  Get started with color mixing and understanding value relationships with a poster study.  Next, I demonstrate a figure study, starting with an ebauche (thin wash) in a limited palette, and then paint the form with a full color palette.  I show you about all my colors, give detailed info about color mixing and theory, and teach you how to get natural skin tones through careful observation of warm, cool, and complementary colors.  In this 3-hour video, you learn about the classical approach to the figure, which breaks down the steps of setting up an underpainting, and then adding subtle details of form and color with a second pass.

$45.00 + shipping and applicable sales tax.
2 discs, 180 minutes, English language

User Review: “Patricia breaks each step of the process down into manageable bites so that the process is actually fun rather than overwhelming. She is very good at explaining not only each step but also the thought process, and how she sees the colors–which is something I really have struggled with. I find her very limited palette for the underpainting really helps to keep things simple yet provides great results. Thanks Patricia, so much, for such an awesome DVD.  It is helping me immensely to enjoy the process of learning.” -Tracey, Vancouver

Figure Painting: Realistic Skin Tone with Patricia Watwood – Preview clip
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