A New DVD from Streamline Art Videos:
Patricia Watwood’s Creating Portraits From Life.



dvd_main_-cover_watwood_w_disc_3d_updatedDiscover How to Create Beautiful, Expressive, and Lifelike Portraits

This 8 Hour video tutorial shows a complete portrait demonstration and teaches you how to break down the complex process of creating a portrait into three basic steps of a charcoal drawing, an underpainting in 3 colors, and then a final pass in full and naturalistic oil colors. Learn the classical techniques of the French Academy with a modern palette and contemporary style.

Here are some of lecture details shared in this complete demonstration:
• A complete tutorial on charcoal drawing on the canvas and use position, spacing, and perspective to guide you along the way

• How to choose and work with the right materials — including setting up your canvas, using vine charcoal, oil paints, palette and brushes

• How to make an underpainting in a 3-color palette to map out your painting and make cool, warm, and transitional tones and how to make them create form and how to work with the various mixtures

• Painting the various landmarks of the face — including the corners of the eyes, orbits, nose, and mouth, to helping you get a likeness of the sitter fast, and the secret to painting eyes that speak to you and pierce the viewer

• The right way to “mass in” the hair and other details and create form in large color areas

• How to capture vibrant and naturalistic color in skin tones and in your artwork

Do you want learn timeless painting techniques but can’t travel or dedicate the time to a workshop? In this DVD there’s as much demonstration and lecture time as in a complete week-long workshop. It’s an invaluable resource available to you to view again and again.